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We specialize in designing effective strategies for dropshipping. Through customized plans and in-depth insights, we help you maximize sales and create satisfied customers.

Get assistance with getting started

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you feel like you don't know how to get started, this is the right package for you. Here, we ensure that you get the assistance you need to begin with dropshipping.

10.000 SEK (excluding VAT)

☞ Market Analysis

☞ Product Analysis

☞ Brand Analysis

☞ Guide for Website Creation

☞ Guide for Finding a Supplier

☞ Unique Tips

☞ 1st Video Meeting - 1 hour

Analysis & Strategy

Have you had your website for a while but are struggling to increase your sales volume? In this package, we help you review what you can improve and suggest actions to boost your sales.

20.000 SEK (excluding VAT)

☞ Market Analysis

☞ Product Analysis

☞ Brand Analysis

☞ Competitor Analysis

☞ Unique Tips and Strategies

☞ Analysis and Strategy for Ads

☞ 2 Video Meetings - 1 hour each

Order a website

Getting started with the website itself can sometimes be the challenging part. We assist you in building a complete website so that you can start delivering your products to customers.

Provided upon request

☞ Get assistance with graphic profile

☞ Create an account

☞ Develop texts

☞ Ensure visibility on Google

☞ Create categories/product series

☞ Create products

☞ Integrate with Postnord/DHL

How we can assist you with dropshipping

Our services

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